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Booking your accommodation at L'Auberdiere en Normandie cannot be easier, however, if you are still undecided as to whether or not to book with us for your holiday accommodation, then let me have just one more moment of your time to make up your mind..... 

" In my lifetime, I have travelled to many countries and experienced many beautiful places. As an Australian, my heart and soul will always rest in the rugged beauty of the Australian bush and the stunning coastlines we take for granted. However, every second I have spent at L'Auberdiere has in some way enriched my senses and enlivened my soul. I have searched for answers, as to why this place has such a profound effect on not just myself but everyone who stays here and the simple fact is the sheer diversity of culture, cuisine, scenery & history is, in my view, unequalled anywhere in the world. Combine this diversity with the scale of human sacrifice and ingenuity in the human history, ancient and modern; which has forged this region and you will be immersed, enlightened and enriched on a spiritual and a physical level. However, don't take my word for it, come and experience it for yourself!"

Thomas Bonnett

Le propriétaire - L'Auberdiere en Normandie

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Where is our L'Auberdiere?

​​​Our Traditional 18th Century Normandy Farmhouse, Calvados, Normandie.

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