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​Under 5 mins

​​​L'Auberdiere and local attractions 

Things to see Normandy France

2 Hours from L'Auberdiere 

Between 15 & 45 mins

Between 5 & 15 mins

L'Auberdiere en Normandie, is located in the heart of the Normandy 'Bocage' or hedgerow country. Now infamous for bogging down the allied advance from the beaches of D-Day, during the Battle of Normandy in World War Two, this idyllic countryside is simply stunning whatever time of the year you choose to visit. With excellent road and rail links and it's central location, L'Auberdiere en Normandie boutique holiday farmhouse is a short drive from all of the main sites of Normandy. The following L'Auberdiere en Normandie 'things to do in Normandy France' are all within driving distance from your doorstep and with such a diverse array of sites and activities to enjoy, your holidays in Normandy France will not fail to impress and enthral you.

Between 50 to 90 mins

Normandy Tourism Sites 45 & 50 mins

​​​Our Traditional 18th Century Normandy Farmhouse, Calvados, Normandie.